Antoun Sehnaoui Listed On Michel Aoun’s Hidden Agenda

Coming back the place to find Beirut following a short business travel to Dubai, I recognized that local journalists continue to be bickering through their articles concerning the latest shooting that happened in Sodeco’s nightclub Maison Blanche (Whitened House) on Feb 26, 2010. I additionally observed, throughout my company lunches and many social excursions, the Lebanese community abroad within the UAE are simply as confused and wrong concerning the incident because the local people in Beirut were, because of the crazy quantity of gossips turning round the internet sites on the web and the neighborhood newspapers.

The quarrel began when Antoun Sehnaoui, the Boss of the well-established bank asked for from Raymond Bechara, who owns the club, Maison Blanche (Whitened House) to request a Mazen El Zein to depart the idea. While other versions from the incident assert it had become Mazen el-Zein who contacted Raymond, demanding from Mr. Bechara, among the partners from the nightclub to not permit Antoun Sehnaoui the admission to the Whitened House and also have him escorted outdoors.

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