Subtle Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Everyone likes to be recognized every now and then, and your employees are no exception. If you are a manager or run your own business, take a moment every week to show your employees that you recognize and appreciate them.

Bean Juice

Be honest: can you start your day without your morning cup of java? Offer to make a coffee run, or even better, enroll your company in an office coffee service. If you live in the area, look into office coffee service Los Angeles. These handy programs provide machinery and appliances for brewing coffee in the workplace. Some of them are even portable coffee shops, running their espresso stands through a food truck and visiting on site. Your workers are guaranteed to be excited about this service. What better way to show them the love?

Feed Your Crew

The mid-afternoon crash is real, and struggling to be productive from lunchtime through the rest of the day can seem like a chore. Avoid the crash altogether by buying lunch for everyone. Whether you order pizza, call a restaurant for take-out or have it catered, make sure that everyone is eating. A good meal full of protein can boost morale and help everyone make it through the day. Not only that, but it’s a very nice gesture that people will notice and thank you for.

Casual Friday

Everyone already loves Fridays, so make them better by allowing staff to go casual on the last workday of the week. Allow sweatshirts, jeans and t-shirts instead of the regular business casual uniform. The little bit of relaxation sets the mood for a positive day, and who doesn’t love snuggling in their favorite hoodie? Bonus points: bring in donuts for everybody.

Letting employees know how much you value them is a great morale-booster. Take the time out of your day to remind your staff that they are appreciated.