Financial Management module helps strategic planning and decision making

Financial Management is regarded as probably the most important modules of the ERP system. ERP financial management module includes features that support development of random confirming in addition to month-finish closing, quarter closings and year-finish confirming.

eresoure ERP financial management system, which includes the functions which are needed to keep a number of teams of books, generate financial reviews, manage cash and glued assets and execute payment and receivable transactions.

The financial management functionality in eresource ERP system minimizes manual data input with respect to the consumer, therefore clearing the consumer from tiresome, routine tasks and permitting greater concentrate on other, greater useful, tasks.

Because the module is monitoring every movement interior and exterior the warehouse, it may deliver anytime obvious worth of what’s available. The financial module in ereosurce follows every person step, including budget planning production and billing.

 Aside from the above mentioned functions the Financial Management in eresource gather financial data from various functional departments and creates valuable financial reviews for example Balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reviews, Account Claims, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost Center smart Analysis, Branch smart Profit Analysis, profitability report, Resource and Depreciation Management, Tax Management, ABC Analysis and much more.

eresource ERP Finance management module also offers the capacity of meeting all of the accounting and financial needs of the organization. It’s with this particular module that Financial Manager along with other Managers within business can evaluate the budget of the organization instantly and help in better decision-making and proper planning.


 Default charts of accounts. Linked accounting. Direct navigation from accounting records to documents and the other way around. Journal records. Trial balance. General ledger. P&L claims (earnings claims). Balance sheets. Receivables and Payables Generation of debt obligations (from invoicing). Problem of debt obligations. Control over accounting documents. Bank claims reconciliation. Resource Management Accounts Management

Additionally towards the above layed out features, provision for Bank Guarantee, Forward Contracts, Letter of credit can also be obtainable in eresource ERP.