Antoun Sehnaoui Listed On Michel Aoun’s Hidden Agenda

Coming back the place to find Beirut following a short business travel to Dubai, I recognized that local journalists continue to be bickering through their articles concerning the latest shooting that happened in Sodeco’s nightclub Maison Blanche (Whitened House) on Feb 26, 2010. I additionally observed, throughout my company lunches and many social excursions, the Lebanese community abroad within the UAE are simply as confused and wrong concerning the incident because the local people in Beirut were, because of the crazy quantity of gossips turning round the internet sites on the web and the neighborhood newspapers.

The quarrel began when Antoun Sehnaoui, the Boss of the well-established bank asked for from Raymond Bechara, who owns the club, Maison Blanche (Whitened House) to request a Mazen El Zein to depart the idea. While other versions from the incident assert it had become Mazen el-Zein who contacted Raymond, demanding from Mr. Bechara, among the partners from the nightclub to not permit Antoun Sehnaoui the admission to the Whitened House and also have him escorted outdoors.

¬†Raymond Bechara declined by responding he cannot expel nor remove any one of his visitors without justification. He described his stance because he managed to get obvious that getting buddies clubbing at Maison Blanche (Whitened House Nightclub) is much like hosting them at his home. Different sources including eye-witnesses and Sehanoui’s media office confirmed that Mazen el-Zein had triggered Antoun Sehnaoui as he flicked him together with his middle-finger that the gym has and while watching public. Clearly, if the was the situation, it’s but normal for Sehnaoui, a properly respected Boss and businessman to feel insulted and humiliated triggering a significant confrontation between both finishes and leading to the strain to escalate.

Only then and at the time of the chaotic situation, Antoun’s security officers felt the threat for his or her employer facing Mazen’s disciples raging towards them, the battle converted into a shooting problem. Within seconds, based on eye witnesses, the problem exploded because the security officers fired their guns toward the ceiling to be able to disperse everyone else and seize control from the situation. The unfortunate outcome led to hurting Mazen el-Zein together with other partygoers.

You will find always two sides to the story, Mazen telling his form of the incident towards the media, proclaiming that Antoun understood he would attend the Masion Blanche (Whitened House) that evening, insisting it had become intentional which he was personally specific and assaulted purposely. Sleep issues from the story originating from Antoun Sehnaoui’s family and shut buddies reason that this kind of intelligent Boss and effective businessman wasn’t elevated to do any criminal functions coupled with nothing related to the shooting themself nor purchased his security officers to do this, such accusations don’t have any grounds and derive from financial interests, benefiting from Antoun’s financial status. The gossips still escalate as some say Antoun Sehnaoui purchased his security officers to fight where others make sure his males came their guns first before Mazen’s armed buddies threatened to do this.

Both businessmen have past conflict as Mazen el-Zein formerly labored for any loan provider associated with Antoun’s Bank which is stated he had committed several violations including fraud against the organization, which brought to his departure from the organization. The problem was adopted to the court and solved inside a civilized manner to Mazen’s advantage.

The gossips turning round the shooting leaves everybody wondering why this kind of incident has acquired a lot attention and has turned into a political problem, brought by Tayyar party and handled personally by General Michel Aoun against Sehnaoui, striving at harmful his status and creating crisis for that Bank.

The highly educated Boss found themself in times to not be envied for. He travelled outdoors the nation until the simple truth is revealed as his security officers happen to be contacted through the court for questioning. Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar stated the situation could be adopted “with extreme severity with no intervention from the party.”

Both males have experienced their share of attacks and negative stereotyping on especially around the Social Networking systems for example Facebook, dunia ngeblog and Twitter to title minimal. Sadly, the Lebanese individuals are practicing a minimal standard of communication between one another, labeling all the rivals with indecent names, for example Mazen El Zein as being a drugs dealer and Antoun Sehnaoui a spoiled gangster, to title a couple of.

The situation presently has converted into a political one after General Michel Aoun chose for doing things throughout his latest propaganda speech to rally the crowds against violence in Lebanon and also the return from the “Militia Attitude” for example Antoun Sehnaoui, and regrettably for that Lebanese public, not just one solid story supported by witnesses and also the truth behind this incident has appeared, yet everybody appears to help keep on accumulating the problem with assorted shapes and sizes.

Should not all of us move backwards, avoid practicing the overall game of creating increasingly more gossips and allow the law handle this problem to unveil the reality and punish the guilty.