An Introduction of Financial Management Book of SMU MBA

A common college SMU is most well-known for medical and health. Now, it is known for learning online also. Within the recent days, it’s been noted for distance Master of business administration very quickly. The college provides own written books because of its Master of business administration education. There’s an intro of financial management book.

You will find 15 sections within the book. It deals the management problems and financial assets running a business firms. Financial management is called fundamental managing actions relevant towards the three major decision areas for example investment, financing and returns and capital management.

It comprises 15 models:

1.Financial Management – the chapter describes this is, scope and examines the aim of corporate financial management. 2.Financial Planning – the chapter describes this is and want of monetary planning. 3.Time Worth of Money – the chapter introduces time worth of money and discounting of cashflows. 4.Valuation of Bonds and Shares – within this chapter author describes concerning the values of bound’s concepts and equity shares. 5.Price of Capital – the kodak playtouch camcorder describes the idea of price of capital. 6.Leverage – it is among the most significant sections within the financial management which deals financial and combined leverage. 7.Capital Structure – within this chapter many ideas of capital structure continues to be introduced. 8.Capital Budgeting – the chapter describes this is, great need of capital budgeting choices contributing to various opportunities of evaluation techniques. 9.Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting – there’s been introduced risk in capital budgeting choices. 10.Capital Rationing – it examines the steps which involved with capital rationing process. 11.Capital Management – you will find various concepts of capital and factors that influence the capital needs inside a firm. 12.Cash Management – this is an essential element of capital. 13.Inventory Management – the system describes about many forms of inventory management. 14.Receivables Management – price of maintaining receivables, formulation of credit policy and resolution of an ideal credit period continues to be talked about within the chapter. 15.Dividend Decision – essentially, the chapter deals about payment of investors.

Fundamental essentials description of financial management book of SMU Master of business administration. Students will find much more about these sections within the book of Financial Management.

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