3 Reasons Ordering from a Restaurant Furniture Supplier is Beneficial

1Whether you are furnishing your restaurant for the first time, it’s time for new restaurant furniture or you represent a furniture dealer, ordering your new furnishings from a restaurant furniture supplier offers numerous benefits. When you place an order straight with the source, you cut out the middle man and eliminate some fees. Also, communications are less likely to get lost in translation.

Here are three benefits you’ll reap when you order from restaurant furniture Canada supplier and others.

Discounted Pricing

The larger your order, the larger your potential order discount can be simply because furniture suppliers can still make their profit on volume. Placing a larger order also becomes a win-win because it spreads out the processing and shipping fees over more pieces instead of having to pay the minimum on many small orders. Since you’re a business, affordable terms can also be set where interest charges are less if your account is paid in full within 15 days or a little higher if paid within 30 days.


When you place your furniture order through a furniture supplier, you’re going to have access to more furniture items, styles and colors. Even when a specific table, chair or accessory isn’t available at that moment, the time it takes to produce it will be much shorter than if you ordered it from a retail store. Furniture suppliers have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and demand. This allows them to react quickly to changes in the market and position themselves to deliver expected results to clients like yourself.

Knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives

After you place your furniture order, if you have any questions, need to alter your terms with the furniture supplier or a piece hasn’t arrived, you can rest assured that the knowledgeable customer service representatives will be available to help you. Since orders will be shipping directly from the supplier, a series of calls will not be necessary when you’re attempting to track your order. If you run into payment issues, because you’ve placed order directly from the furniture source, arrangements that may be of some help are more likely to be available.

Placing your next restaurant furniture order through a furniture supplier offers a beneficial relationship to you. Not only will you cut out the middle man, more benefits will be at your disposal.